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Deer Hunters enjoy a full week in the Maine woods: Arriving Sunday, and departing the following Sunday
(Hunting not permitted in Maine on Sunday)

 Semi-Guided Hunt: $575.00/week

Enjoy "Deer Camp" in Maine! Comfortable lodging and hearty home cooked meals.

  • We take care of every detail: Includes strategically placed tree stands and ground blinds in extensively scouted and productive areas.

  • Tracking, skinning and removal of deer from the woods.

  • We'll hang you trophy, and prep for the butcher. You pay the butcher based on weight.(We have a contract with the BEST butcher in Western Maine!)

  • We offer stands hunts, still hunting, and spot and stalk.



 Deer hunts are based at one of our traditional hunting camps. You will enjoy hearty home cooked meals, a warm campfire, and the peace of the Western Maine Mountains, and some great Whitetail hunting!

 Terrain varies from remote mountainous areas, beech ridges, cuts, and crop fields, to river bottoms, evergreen thickets, and thick swamps. You will have the opportunity to hunt for BIG deer. Maine has a history for big bodied, big racked Trophy Bucks in excess of 200 lbs. and more. A mature Maine buck is truly a trophy of a lifetime!

For the hunter that tags out early, the balance of the week can be spent hunting for coyotes, snowshoe hare, and upland birds, or relax and enjoy the peace of the woods. We are 20 minutes from the town of Bethel, which offers a beautiful rural setting, and the amenities of a small Maine mountain village. We are in the heart of Maine's  White Mountain National Forest, and located between Evans Notch, The Mahoosucs, and Grafton Notch.


Bring your camera as you will surely want to photograph your hunt and trophy. You will almost always have the opportunity to see moose during your hunt, as they will be in their second rut during the first week or two of rifle season, and be moving during the day. Bulls fighting for the last few cows are often seen or heard.

 Here in the Western Maine Mountains an early snow is always possible. Book a late season muzzleloader hunt for the best chance at this opportunity. The pressure is low, and the deer are feeding heavily on the last available mast crops.



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